We treat our turkeys like they’re part of the family. Because since 1939, they have been.

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When Dale Peterson and his wife, Fern, first started growing turkeys on their Cannon Falls farm, they did it the only way they knew how, without shortcuts. 75 years and three generations later, that philosophy hasn’t changed. At Ferndale, we take pride in raising free-range turkeys the way nature and our namesake intended. Without the use of antibiotics or artificial growth promotants. Rotating them on acres of grassy pastures during the warmer months, exceeding many organic turkey certifications. And processing them naturally, without additives, and using only clean ingredients. No binders. No fillers. No saline solutions. We believe you’ll taste the difference. And as shopkeepers, we seek out like-minded farmers and food producers using similar practices to stock our on-farm market with real, local, and organic food from sustainable sources. We thank you for choosing local and organic foods from family farms like ours, and we look forward to seeing you at Ferndale Market!

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