Ferndale Market’s Story

We are farmers. We are shopkeepers. Regardless of which hat we’re wearing, our mission is simple: to provide the very best in local, sustainable foods.

As farmers, we’re proud to grow our turkeys in virtually the same way our family has since 1939, free range and without antibiotics. We’re thrilled to have a growing list of retail & restaurant partners that source our natural turkey products directly from our farm. We take tremendous pride in our land, our antibiotic free turkey farm, our staff, and the knowledge that people are nourished by our Ferndale Market products each day.

As shopkeepers, we are excited to continually seek out other local farmers & craft food producers that share our values and vision for preserving one-of-a-kind local flavors from independent folks.

We opened our on-farm store in 2008, and now partner with over 70 other local “foodies” – from pork farmers to pasta makers. Through our local grocery store, our goal is to reconnect shoppers with a premier selection of sustainable and artisanal foods.

Whether you happen to be a restaurant chef interested in weekly turkey deliveries or a first-time shopper visiting our local grocery store to learn more about local foods, we sincerely appreciate your interest in what we do and we’ll hope to see you on the farm sometime soon!