Thanksgiving Turkey: Making your feast free-range!

Our turkey makes a delicious meal 365 days a year, but on Thanksgiving it is the star of the holiday spread. We are honored to raise the turkeys that will bring family and friends together across the Midwest.

“We know there are countless families with a bird from our farm as the centerpiece. It’s that knowledge that drives us every year.”

-John Peterson, Owner of Ferndale Market

At Ferndale Market, we raise free-range turkeys without the use of antibiotics, just like we have since 1939. Our fresh turkeys are minimally processed so you know you are taking home 100% turkey: no added salt, water, or fillers. We think you will taste the difference!

Our whole turkeys are available in sizes from 10-24 lbs. Each Thanksgiving turkey contains a bag of giblets and a neck. When deciding how large of an free-range, antibiotic-free turkey to order, we recommend planning for 1-1.5 lbs per person.

Frozen whole turkeys are available year-round and fresh whole turkeys can be purchased just before the Thanksgiving holiday.

To learn preparation and roasting tips for your turkey, click here!

– Our fresh turkeys –

We raise a special flock each year for our fresh Thanksgiving turkeys. These whole turkeys have never been frozen. We keep these turkeys at a “deep-chill” temperature (right at 32° F) so that they stay fresh for your holiday meal. Because of this a small ice shell may form, but it will disappear quickly once you put it in your home fridge. Fresh turkeys save the hassle of thawing and cook faster then the traditional frozen turkey. Fresh turkeys should be frozen if not cooked by the Monday following the Thanksgiving holiday.

These turkeys can be picked up at our on farm store during the 5 days proceeding Thanksgiving (link to online order form available below starting Oct 22nd) or you can find a Ferndale Market fresh turkey at one of our participating retailers using our Thanksgiving Turkey locator map.

Thanksgiving fresh turkey  preorder for pickup at the Market:

begins Oct. 21st 2019 - Thank you for sourcing our turkey in 2018!

Live far from Cannon Falls? Find a Ferndale Market turkey near you!