TurkeyFest – Nov 17th: 10-4:00 pm & Nov. 18th: 11-4:00 pm

By on October 10, 2018.

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Come down the weekend before Thanksgiving to pick up your fresh, free-range, Thanksgiving turkey from our family farm! We are celebrating our favorite time of the year with delicious samples and live music. Find all the fixings for the perfect holiday feast like apple pies, sweet potatoes, our own turkey gravy, baguettes, and more.

Feel free to call or go online to reserve your fresh turkey HERE. Share our farming tradition at your family tradition!


  1. Can you tell me how much a pound the fresh turkeys are and how much a pound the frozen turkeys are? I would like to order two 12 pound turkeys. I used your turkeys last year to rave reviews. NOt sure I can make it the last week before Thanksgiving so was wondering about frozen turkeys. Thank you. Carol

    • Frozen turkeys are a wonderful option for Thanksgiving. We will have plenty of frozen turkeys available so you don’t need to worry about preordering – you can come in whenever it is convenient! Frozen turkeys are $1.75/lb and fresh turkeys are $2.15/lb. Thank you so much for sourcing our turkeys for Thanksgiving!

  2. Hi!

    Can you please tell me if you will be having fresh turkey breasts for sale this year? Or will I need to buy frozen?
    thank you!


    • We raise the flock for our fresh whole turkeys special for the Thanksgiving holiday, but the rest of our raw turkey products are stored frozen year-round. This year we will be having frozen bone-in breasts available for reservation for pickup at our store. If you are picking up your bone-in breast on the Mon-Wed before Thanksgiving, we will have started thawing them for you so you don’t need to worry about thawing in time for Thanksgiving. Please let me know if I can answer any other questions and thank you for sourcing our turkey!

  3. Hello 🙂 I have two questions – how long can a turkey stay in your fridge once you pick up a fresh one? Isn’t it a long time to stay unfrozen from 11-18-17 to 11-23-17 ? I’m tried of trying frozen chain supermarket turkeys with drugs and solutions injected in them which have no flavor. We would love to try your fresh turkeys 🙂 – thanks

    • Great question! We keep our turkeys at deep chill temperatures (hovering right at 32) to ensure that they stay fresh well through the holiday. If you haven’t cooked your fresh turkey by the Sunday following Thanksgiving, we recommend you freeze it. You can also benefit the longevity of your fresh turkey by storing it in the back of your refrigerator (where it is the coldest). So ditch those commercial frozen turkeys and roast a fresh Ferndale Market turkey on Thanksgiving in full confidence! 😀

  4. I tried calling to order a turkey – I got a message that 507 263 4556 is not a valid number. Are you not taking phone orders this year?

    • So sorry for the inconvenience! That can sometimes happen when all our phone lines are busy (which happens a lot this time of year). Please try us on the phone again soon (sometimes after store hours is easiest, you are welcome to leave your order on our voicemail). If you get another error call, please email me at gobble@ferndalemarketonline.com and I would be happy call you to take your order. 🙂 Thank you for your patience!

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