What do Ferndale turkeys eat?

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Although Dale Peterson sought out our farm because the sandy soil helps keep our turkey ranges dry and free of standing water, it also means we are very poorly suited to grow our own feed grains.  Instead, we need to purchase our turkey feed from a feed mill (located just west of the Twin Cities metro) that custom-blends all our feed specifically for us.  We change the specific ration as our turkeys age, but we’re proud to never add any antibiotics or growth-promotants at any point.

Poultry gizzards are designed to digest small grains, so our feed program consists primarily of fresh ground corn and soybean meal purchased from area farms.  Because our feed is custom-blended, we have taken an innovative approach by adding probiotics, yeast, and natural herbs to our feed so we can work in tandem with nature to maintain excellent health in our flocks.  In addition, all our feeds contain an ideal balance of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.  Our goal is to incorporate age-old wisdom with innovative ideas to provide a well-rounded diet for our turkeys.