What does “raised without antibiotics” mean?

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As third-generation turkey farmers, we take tremendous pride in the way we care for our turkeys.  That’s why our “raised without antibiotics” program is so important to us.  Our USDA-approved growing protocols extend from the egg in the incubator through the entire life of our turkeys, and certify that no antibiotics or growth stimulants are administered to our turkey, to let our birds grow at their own pace.  Additionally, we’re proud that our husbandry practices prevent the need for antibiotics or medications, because we strive to take a proactive approach to turkey health and avoid the need for reactive medications.  Our approach to creating an optimal environment starts in clean brooder houses bedded with fresh sawdust shavings, and it continues as our turkeys have outdoor access.  We are careful never to sacrifice the health and welfare of our birds to achieve a label claim, so we do treat our flocks if it’s necessary, but they are not marketed under our Ferndale program.