What is a “deep chill” fresh turkey?

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We offer two Thanksgiving turkey options: frozen or fresh deep-chill turkeys.  Either way you choose, you’re selecting a bird that has been raised free-range and without any antibiotics or growth promotants.  Additionally, both options come from our autumn flocks so you’re assured of getting a turkey that hasn’t been stored in a freezer warehouse for extended periods of time.

All our fresh turkeys are processed in the days before Thanksgiving and we store them in our cooler between 28-32 degrees to ensure the freshest turkey possible (USDA requirements allow fresh turkeys to be held at temperatures down to 26 degrees).  Because our turkeys are minimally-processed and contain no added preservatives, fresh, cold air is our best tool to ensure that your Ferndale Market turkey is at the peak of freshness on Thanksgiving Day.  Although occasionally a light ice crusting will form on the bag or turkey breast, we ensure that our fresh turkeys have never been in a frozen state and they are ready for you to roast and enjoy.