Where can I buy fresh turkey for Thanksgiving?

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Where to buy fresh turkey | Ferndale MarketWondering where to buy fresh turkey near you for Thanksgiving? Look no further! You can easily find Ferndale Market’s fresh turkeys close to you by using our Ferndale Market Thanksgiving Turkey Locator. We raise a special flock that will be our fresh, free-range Thanksgiving turkeys and these birds have never been frozen. Because of that, our deep-chill fresh turkeys arrive at the store only days before your holiday meal. Our turkey locator will help you find places that sell fresh turkey and frozen turkey near you for the Thanksgiving holiday. Call your nearest location directly to see how you can reserve your fresh turkey.

Looking for turkey for the other 364 days a year? Our locator can also show you what grocery stores carry our turkey products near you. We have ALL of our turkey products available at our on-farm store in Cannon Falls too! We even ship corporate turkey orders, depending on order size and location.

When can I reserve my fresh turkey?

Each location is different so be sure to contact your nearest store to find out if they do preorders and when they start. To find out when you can preorder your fresh turkey from Ferndale Market, click here.

Fresh Turkey Locations Near You:

We offer a variety of fresh turkey locations throughout the midwest region for Thanksgiving. You can find our fresh turkey in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, North Dakota, South Dakota and Michigan. Use our locator to find a location near you!
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