Holiday corporate turkeys

Are you looking for a memorable gift for employees and customers?

We have partnered with many businesses to provide our free-range turkeys, smoked turkeys, or turkey breasts decoratively packed in a holiday box.  Our happy customers include manufacturers, medical centers, and banks with staffs of 50-500 and it’s a testament to the program’s positive reception that we work together with these same folks year after year.

For many of our business partners, we deliver the boxes in our refrigerated truck offering company representatives the chance to personally thank each employee and distribute the turkeys.  We can also ship our turkeys to clients nationwide as a way to share a uniquely-Minnesota gift to customers coast-to-coast.  We have many ways to customize your package to fit your budget and options can be as affordable as $15/employee.   Our delivery calendar fills quickly so call now for available dates.

This program has become one of the joys of our own holiday season, as we witness firsthand the appreciative staff members when they receive their turkey and a handshake from their manager.  After all, everybody loves a holiday turkey and the tradition it embodies.

If you’re interested in learning more or getting a quote, please contact John to create your personal and convenient corporate holiday gift: